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Gemstones: How I Choose Them and How You Can Too

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Gemstones: How I Choose Them and How You Can Too

Over 50 years ago, when I first began making jewelry on Cape Cod, I found I loved incorporating stones of all types into my work in silver and gold. I started by setting little brown tiger-eye cabochons in $5.00 handmade silver rings. Now, from my jewelry workshop and showroom in East Dennis, on Cape Cod, things have evolved significantly from that modest beginning. 

Most of my jewelry designs since then have included some sort of gemstone, whether precious or semi-precious. I particularly like to set vibrant colored gems in bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings made of high karat gold. While I do often use traditional precious stones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond (diamonds are a favorite in wedding rings), I frequently set semi-precious stones of varied and beautiful colors, such as tourmaline, citrine, and blue topaz. 

When working with stones, it’s about color, cut and shape. I’m always looking for gems of unusual color and cut created by gemstone artisans, or from suppliers who carry superb quality traditional and nontraditional gems. 

Regular customers often visit my gallery in East Dennis on Cape Cod looking for unique stones in unusual new settings. Many of these pieces sell long before we ever have a chance to photograph them professionally for our website.